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IN THE STATE OF NORTH CAROLINA IN THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, there are broad public records laws which legislators have created to allow the public at-large to view and display all manner of records that are recorded, docketed, and filed by all of North Carolina's local and statewide government agencies. Included among these types of publicly available records are real estate records, arrest records, records of all court proceedings (both criminal and civil), and all marriage, death, and birth records. So the reason you are seeing a North Carolina public records report on this page for TANNER KOREY COTTLE is because TANNER KOREY COTTLE was detained by authorities in Wake County, which is in North Carolina, popular for the nearby Research Triangle, and is one of the state's more populous counties. The inclusion on this page of information pertaining to TANNER KOREY COTTLE (such as his/her image, date-of-birth, charges filed against him/her, home and/or work address, etc.) should never, under any circumstances, be construed as evidence that TANNER KOREY COTTLE did anything wrong or violated any local or federal statute. Judges and juries are the only ones empowered with decreeing one's guilt or innocence; not law enforcement officers.



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